luxury mattress brands differ

From tried-and-true innerspring luxury mattress designs to trendy new memory foam.

The world of luxury mattress shopping is loaded with hundreds of choices that could overwhelm even the most studious internet-savvy consumer.

As an easier way to help sort through all the fancy jargon and 007 gadgetry out there, we’ve put together the following “keep it simple” guide to finding a mattress that delivers immersive comfort you can count on for years to come.

Foundations Start from the Ground Up

The foundation (or box spring) that accompanies a mattress is probably the most frequently overlooked portion of any luxury bedding purchase decision.

In recent decades, many large manufacturers have realized they can cut costs by whittling foundations down to little more than a flimsy wood frame with thin fabric strewn over it.

This, however, is the equivalent of building your Malibu dream house on a foundation of popsicle sticks. You’d probably have a rough time getting that house insured, right? So why do the same thing to your back?

Natural Materials vs. Chemically Engineered

As consumers who care about not only our environment but also our long-term health, we’re becoming increasingly more aware of the chemicals and processes used to manufacture our home furnishings.

Especially in terms of a mattress that you’ll be in close contact with for about eight hours per day, every day, over the course of potentially decades, this couldn’t be a more important consideration.

While memory foam mattresses have been all the rage the past several years, most consumers don’t realize that these foams are petroleum-based products that have long been the subject of debate among scientists questioning their eventual health consequences.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, polyurethane foams can emit volatile organic compounds that can be linked to respiratory and other health problems.

“Springs” vs. Foam

Luxury Mattress Brands DifferThis is another area where television advertising has succeeded in misleading consumers over the past decade.

Typically in these ads, there’s some sort of wine glass positioned on one side of the bed and a bowling ball being dropped on the other, with the message always being the same: “foam is in, springs are out”.

And in the traditional sense of what mattress springs used to be, these ads may have a point.

Innerspring or “Coils”

Innerspring mattresses are what most of us think of when we think of springs in a mattress, and these outdated designs have gotten a bad wrap for good reason.

They usually involve an interconnected network of cheap metal wiring that causes one section of the bed to react based on pressure being applied to another section, which is never a good thing for a couple trying to get a good night’s sleep.

But the old fashioned innerspring designs differ drastically from today’s advanced “coil” (and even micro coil) designs, which can consist of up to several thousand isolated support zones that provide a level of comfort previously unattainable on “springs”.

In this new world of luxury mattresses built on micro coils, it’s important to remember that the highest quality mattresses will be those with the highest coil counts.

Not only do higher coil counts provide greater comfort, but they also lose less firmness over time and increase mattress longevity.[/vc_column_text]

Final Points to Consider

Regardless of the mattress brand or design that’s right for your body type, there are a few universal “truisms” to keep in mind.

First, studies have shown that both very low and very high levels of firmness tend to be associated with relatively worse sleep, greater morning pain, and poorer daytime function.

Additionally, when we shop mattress options on a showroom floor, we tend to choose one that doesn’t adequately minimize motion disturbances for our partner.

Many of the common mistakes made when selecting a mattress are the result of not laying on it long enough before deciding, so experts recommend that we test a mattress for at least 15 minutes before gaining a good sense of how our bodies will react to it over longer periods of time.


A Guide to Better Sleep: Is A Luxury Bed Right For You?

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is a Luxury Bed Right for you>
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