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Size Matters: Finding the Right Bed

When you lay down for the night, you should have plenty of room to stretch out in order to fully relax and get the sleep you need. Your bed should be an oasis, and being cramped or crowded can negate that experience. Determine the right size mattress here:

Size Dimensions Notes
Twin 39×75 Generally made for one child or one adult sleeper.
Twin XL 39×80 5 inches longer than standard twin.   Same length as Queen and King (Two side by side is the same as a King, and great for a King with two adjustable bases)
 Full 54×75 Smallest size recommended for an adult.
 Queen 60×80 Smallest size recommended for two adults.  Most popular size sold.
King 76×80 Same length as Queen, but 16″ wider.  Offers the most room for two sleepers (and the occasional pet or child).
California King 72×84 Perfect for those that need more length. Also a great option for an adjustable base when the head and/or foot is elevated.

Our Quantum Edge allows you to sleep right to the edge, maximizing the full surface. If you buy a king, you should be able to sleep on all of it!

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is A Luxury Bed Right For You?

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is a Luxury Bed Right for you>
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