Why Natural Materials Are So Important in Your Bedroom

natural materials

Along with the words organic, non-gmo, eco-friendly, and sustainable, natural is one of those trendy terms that seems to be popping up in more places all the time. But with so many of these relatively new additions to our consumer vocabulary, do we really even know what natural means to us anymore (or why we want it)?

When it comes to discussing the benefits of anything natural over artificial, the food industry is where most of us make the first connection of relevance. According to Food Business News, “clean label” (which is another way of saying all natural ingredients) was the trend of the year for 2015. And since food is pretty much the only thing that’s passing directly through the inside of our bodies on a regular basis, it’s easy to see how we might put a lot of emphasis on questioning the impact of artificial ingredients on our health.

But what about the relevance of natural ingredients in consumer goods other than food? The next closest thing to putting something in your body is applying something onto your body, right? It should come as no surprise that the second fastest-growing market for natural ingredients is the cosmetics and toiletries industry.

If we continue down this line of reasoning as to why adopting more natural products into our lives is so important to healthy living, we must eventually ask ourselves what singular man-made object we all have in our lives that we spend the most time in close proximity to?

If your car is the first thing that comes to mind, you’re not even close. After all, most people spend about an hour per day in their cars, max. If on the other hand, clothing was the direction your mind went, that wasn’t a bad guess. But you may have forgotten to acknowledge that you change outfits daily, and few of your clothes are made of materials that originate from the same factory (or country). Suffice to say, any particular item of clothing that may be dangerous to your health isn’t actually getting that much “exposure” time in the grand scheme of things.

While it might not initially seem so obvious, the correct answer to our question is actually your mattress.

Live and Breathe Natural Materials

For many of us, the perception is that we’re only coming in physical contact with our sheets, blankets, and pillowcases as we sleep, so anything potentially harmful inside our mattress is kept at bay. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Especially in the case of memory foam mattresses (most of which are made from petroleum derivatives), your mattress may contain a whole host of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that could be harmful to your health in the long term. On the contrary, newer luxury mattresses made with natural materials release none of these harmful odors or gases. Spink & Edgar is one such manufacturer that designs its beds with only natural materials, such as wool, alpaca fleece, hemp, and cotton.Natural Materials

Indoor air quality is among the most frequently overlooked aspects of keeping our exposure to harmful chemicals at a minimum. Which is why owning a mattress that you can feel good about, translates into breathing air in your bedroom (all night long) that you can feel equally good about.

Sleep Safe Tonight

How safe is the mattress and linens you sleep on night after night? Explore the common materials found in your bedroom, and start your journey towards a healthier sleep environment for yourself and your family. For more advantages on what sets Spink & Edgar apart from every other luxury bedding manufacturer on the market today, we invite you to learn about our farm-to-bedroom natural mattresses and luxury design.


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