What Does a Luxury Mattress Mean to You?

what does a luxury mattress mean

Luxury is one of those words that, depending on the product we’re talking about, can mean something drastically different to two different people.

For example, a luxury hotel to one person may mean a rustic bungalow in the mountains while to another it means room service and bathrobes in the big city. The same is true regarding figuring out what luxury means to each different individual shopping mattresses.

Selecting the perfect luxury mattress is a decision that will impact you (and your partner) for the next decade, so doesn’t it make sense to start thinking about the specific characteristics of a mattress that are most important to you before you ever begin looking?

Is It Simply How a Mattress Looks or Feels to the Touch?

If it’s true that humans take just seven seconds to form a first impression of one another, then it’s probably safe to assume that we give a mattress even less time than that. As visual beings, it’s only natural that our first impression on the quality of a product relates to visual stimuli and other surface-level observations.

So when we first walk into a mattress store, what do we typically do? We spot a bed from across the showroom floor that visually strikes us as unique. Then we walk up to it and run our hand across the top before deciding whether it’s worth lying down on or not.

Unfortunately, when it comes to narrowing down luxury mattress options, this visualize-then-touch line of reasoning is completely counter-intuitive. The true value of any quality mattress lies in the materials and design of its inner components, not whether it has a snugly looking pillow top.

Nevertheless, when we’re standing there in the store trying to choose a bed that’s unique from all the others, it’s easy to forget that our selection will soon be covered with our favorite sheets and bedspread the vast majority of the time. What will emerge as far more important in the long run is how it feels when we lie down on it.

Experts recommend that you “test” a bed for at least 15 minutes in the store before ever deciding to purchase it.

Is It a Better Foundation for Intimacy with Your Partner?

This is one of those giggly topics that it’s difficult to discuss with a complete stranger at the local mattress store, but whether or not a new bed helps promote a positive sexual chemistry with our partner is no laughing matter.

Many of today’s more trendy mattress designs are either foam or water-based, and those of us who have ever “tried” either of those know that they are absolute black holes when it comes to rhythmic movement.

Luckily, old-fashioned innerspring mattresses aren’t your only option anymore regarding bounce, with newer micro-coil designs helping bridge the gap between both a rejuvenating night’s sleep and a sensational “roll in the hay”.

Is “Luxury” What it Means to Wake Up with Less Stiffness?

Arthritis is a painful reality that affects over 52 million Americans, and it often only worsens with age. On the bright side, research shows that a good night’s sleep helps ease the symptoms of arthritis, and quality mattresses can reduce inflammation.

As we get older, investing in a bed that helps the body rehabilitate with each sleep cycle becomes a much more relevant concern than when we were young. The luxury mattress we choose this year could well be the same one we depend on a decade or more down the road, so it’s critical to consider how our body may respond differently to certain materials as our joints become less forgiving.

Some Closing Thoughts

Although luxury means something a little different to each of us at different stages of our lives, it’s important to keep the above considerations in mind when selecting a quality mattress that can provide decades of comfort and enjoyment for both you and your partner.

At the end of the day, a better night’s sleep means waking up in a better mood. And putting extra energy into choosing the right mattress can mean finally doing away with “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” once and for all.

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is A Luxury Bed Right For You?

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is a Luxury Bed Right for you>
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