what mattress should i buy

Tailor Your Sleep Experience

Anytime you make a significant investment in something – like a new mattress  you should be informed about the factors that contribute to its effectiveness. Understanding your body structure, sleep habits, and the specific challenges of your sleep environment are important in choosing the right bed.

Innerspring or memory foam mattresses are better for side sleepers because they provide more dispersed pressure relief – they support your body weight and conform to your shape.

Stomach sleepers should avoid memory foam as it would envelop them! A mattress with a firm surface is a better fit, such as latex or adjustable air.

Keeping your spine in alignment is key for a back sleeper. Choose a mattress that balances support with flexibility.

Are you a light sleeper? Does a restless co-sleeper wake you up?

Motion isolation is the name of the game! Pocketed coils help to reduce motion transfer, and when combined with micro coils, a sleep surface is created that delivers comfort and motion isolation.

Another option is a dual-chamber air mattress, which gives each sleeper his own comfort zone without motion transfer disruption.

Also, consider a pair of Twin XL mattresses (forms into a King) with adjustable bases for optimal uninterrupted sleep.

Are you sensitive to temperature while you sleep?

According to consumer research, latex and memory foam toppers can cause you to sleep hot, because of the body heat you retain when the mattress contours to your body.

Wool is an effective ingredient to help with temperature regulation and to wick away moisture.

Do you suffer from back or joint pain?

Memory foam may help with pain because it forms to the shape of your body, providing support at pressure points. However, it also may make it hard to move, so you may have to strain to shift positions.

A higher coil count in a mattress also helps relieve pressure, so micro coil technology is another good option for pain relief.

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is A Luxury Bed Right For You?



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