Why Buy a New Mattress

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and achy? Is it hard to roll out of bed in the morning because you wake up stuck in a sinkhole (otherwise known as a sagging mattress)?

Perhaps you thought you got a solid eight hours of sleep, but you are still exhausted because of the constant tossing and turning that kept you from a REM-state.

Or, has it been more than six to eight years since you purchased your last mattress? If any of these has you nodding your head, you owe it to yourself to invest in a new mattress.

Major life changes are another reason to overhaul your sleep experience.

  • Your bed is a personal, safe space, and sometimes a fresh start begins there. If you are divorced and remarried, a new bed is integral in fostering new intimacy.
  • Perhaps you are a first-time empty nester, and now that the kids are out of the house, you are ready to convert one of their rooms into a guest bedroom.
  • When you buy a new home, it’s a chance to give your bedroom a makeover and create a new living space that can be a comfortable oasis, starting with a luxury mattress.

In the grand scheme of life, you may not think a new mattress is a priority. There are other things to worry about – family, work, exercise, your health, and more.

However, all of those things are affected by your quality of sleep.

When you sleep, your brain recharges, your cells repair themselves, and your body releases important hormones. Sufficient sleep helps your body fight off infection and is proven to increase productivity during the day.

While experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults, Americans currently average 6.8 hours. This disparity can contribute to feelings of depression, unattractive, skin aging and weight gain, according to the CDC.

Considering that on average, you spend one-third of your life in bed, a good mattress is the first step to a healthier, happier, you!

A Guide to Better Sleep: Is A Luxury Bed Right For You?




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